About the Will Run for Beer 5K

For those who like their exercise with a side of hops, the Will Run for Beer Chicago 5k offers the perfect blend of athletic achievement and celebratory cheers. But how did this unique race come to be? Let’s lace up our metaphorical running shoes and take a jog through the event’s history.

Past race medals

From Pints to Pavement

The first annual Will Run for Beer Chicago 5k was held in 2023 and sprang from a desire to create a fun and inclusive running event celebrating the local craft brewery scene prevalent in Chicago.

Unlike traditional competitive races, this 5K welcomes runners, walkers, and joggers of all abilities. The focus is on enjoying the camaraderie, the scenic course (often with stunning Chicago backdrops), and, of course, the reward of a refreshing post-race beer (for those over 21).

Glasses full of beer

The Craft Beer Connection

Chicago boasts a thriving craft beer scene, and the Will Run for Beer Chicago 5k taps into that local love. Partnering with breweries is a key element of the race.

Participants often enjoy complimentary tastings from these breweries at the post-race Brewfest. It’s a way to celebrate local businesses and discover new favorite beers, all while raising a toast to their accomplishment.

Glasses full of beer

The Second Annual Celebration

After a successful inaugural year, the race returns to Lincoln Park this October, ready to welcome another wave of enthusiastic participants. The focus remains the same: a flat, scenic course, a fun atmosphere, and that well-deserved post-race beer.

Reserve your spot at the 2nd Annual Will Run for Beer Chicago. Didn’t get the answers you need? Visit our FAQ page. Can’t make the live event? Run virtually.